Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm just Me!

Hey hey everyone!  My name is Alicia and I am currently a freshman here at RIC.  I just recently changed my major from Nursing to Elementary Education with a concentration in Biology.  This spring will be my first season playing softball for RIC, but I have been playing for about 14 years.  I commute from North Attleboro, MA, but growing up in RI, I graduated from Johnston High School.  I typically don't like introducing myself as a JHS graduate because of all the "oh-so-wonderful" stereotypes that go along with that.  Instead I prefer people meeting me, getting to know me, then learning where I am from!!  Anywho, I've been told I am an interesting person and certainly not shy, or quiet.  I love people and absolutely adore children (hence the reason for my major)!  I'm definitely a weird kid and the furthest thing from "normal" (if such a definition exists), but that's just who I am, and most certainly proud of it! =) Looking forward to getting to know everyone, and curious to see what this course entails!