Monday, April 4, 2011

Women In Sports: Unequal Underdogs

This video contains mostly pictures, but I decided to still post it because the handful of statistics in my opinion, are mind-blowing.  Some of the information provided by this clip include the following;
    --> Female NCAA athletes receive only 45% of college athletic scholarship dollars, which is $148 million less than male athletes.
    --> Female college athletes receive only 38% of sports operating dollars which is $1.17 BILLION less than their male counter-sports.
    --> As of 2002, only 15 NCAA Division 1 schools spend more on all women's sports teams combined than on football.
    --> In 2001, women's sports passed the $1 billion mark in total sponsorship revenue, while men's sports sponsorship was at $25 billion.
These few blurbs are just glimpses at the severity of the gender inequality that still exists today.  These facts don't even touch upon the countless other aspects of life like the work force, education, economy, etc.  If something that typically begins as a hobby for many, but now more often can become a career is so unequal, how is it looking at all these other factors in life?  How unequal is society still today?

Baraka Project on Gender Equality

 WOW!  Definitely the first thought that came to my mind.  Watching this video put a knot in my stomach and kept me on the verge tears.  The statistics shown in this clip are just a few, but still have a major impact on the viewer.  In regards to "education is the answer," I do agree to some extent.  I believe educating more women would obviously help in many ways and would begin solving problems faced in our everyday lives.  Is education the only solution?  Will it solve everything?  No, I don't believe education will solve everything.  In my opinion, there is no one solution to any problem or set of problems.  The given examples in this video are true, such as the one about decreasing levels of poverty and women being able to be more independent if they are treated equally in the work force, being able to obtain an equal position to any man.  Education is a big step in solving these problems, and gender equality in education will only make this step easier.