Monday, April 4, 2011

Baraka Project on Gender Equality

 WOW!  Definitely the first thought that came to my mind.  Watching this video put a knot in my stomach and kept me on the verge tears.  The statistics shown in this clip are just a few, but still have a major impact on the viewer.  In regards to "education is the answer," I do agree to some extent.  I believe educating more women would obviously help in many ways and would begin solving problems faced in our everyday lives.  Is education the only solution?  Will it solve everything?  No, I don't believe education will solve everything.  In my opinion, there is no one solution to any problem or set of problems.  The given examples in this video are true, such as the one about decreasing levels of poverty and women being able to be more independent if they are treated equally in the work force, being able to obtain an equal position to any man.  Education is a big step in solving these problems, and gender equality in education will only make this step easier.


  1. Wow that video was extremely powerful, heartbreaking and scary. I do agree with you that there is not just one answer for anything but I feel that education opens up the door for awareness, and once you are aware of something its amazing how much you can change.
    Delpit says, "those in power are frequently least aware of-or least willing to acknowledge- its existence. Those with less power are often most aware of its existence." This makes me wonder if the abuser(most often men but occasionally women)were more educated and became aware of how damaging domestic violence is, then maybe there would be less of it. Another author that made me think why education and awareness can reduce domestic violence is Johnson. Johnson says that we fear what we think we do know, not the unknown. I believe that this fear comes from lack of factual knowledge and is based off of assumed knowledge. I also believe that fear causes a lot of violence!
    I definitely agree with you that a good solution would be to educate women and allow them the same financial opportunities as men in the work force. This would at least help/allow women to be more independent, I feel so many stay in abusive relationships because they feel trapped financially as well as emotionally. I wonder if women moving up the latter in the work force will decrease the violence though, I wonder if men will gain respect for women or if they will become afraid of the possible loss of power at work and try to gain in more at home?
    I think a great movie that would relate to your post would be the 1997 film, directed by Ridley Scott - starring Demi Moore,G.I Jane. I haven't seen it in a long time but I remember how at first the military men did not accept the woman or treat her fairly, furthering her training she had to REALLY prove herself in order to become "one of the guys".
    Great Post! Sorry my comment is so long but your video really intrigued me...Thanks!

  2. i really enjoyed your post this week!