Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Justice Event

Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete (Reflection)

I am not big on film events usually, but this particular title sparked my interest.  Not only does it relate to this course, but also greatly to my life since I was young.  I have always played sports from the time I was six years old, and although at that time I did not realize the portrayal of female athletes, i did eventually get to that point.  This Social Justice Event was the showing of a short film titled "Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete," and unfortunately it wasn't much of an event.  I'm not sure if it was lack of advertising of the event or if people just really weren't interested, but other than Marisa and I there were only two other women that attended.  We watched the thirty minute segment and left, we didn't really discuss it as a group or pay any mind to its relevance.  Leaving the event, Marisa and I did discuss the facts and examples the film displayed and talked about.  Both of us being female athletes at a college level and being teammates also, we had a lot to say about what we had just seen.  Although we had many similar comments, there were things we noticed that the other hadn't.  Even though the event wasn't exactly what I had expected, the film we watched was interesting and definitley was relevant to my life and this course.

This particular event would very closely relate to Linda Christensen's piece because her piece is mainly on media and its influence on society.  This film we watched dealt with exactly what Christensen talks about and how all types of media can be responsible for misconceptions and unnecessary displays of different people everywhere.  Female athletes definitely experience this along with the stereotypes from society.  This could also partly tie into Lisa Delpit's piece because part of the rules and codes of power include the male role in society.  Presenting female athletes in such manners is demeaning and keeps men with higher respects in the eye of the viewer.


  1. interseting...i shud have attended...but it too late

  2. When I talked about Christensen being in this event so heavily I forgot that Delpit also had a presence. The rules and codes of power is definately a strong idea that ran in the event, even though there was only a few of us. I love when we talk about this class at softball especially with the other girls who are in other FNED classes. We have such good talks and really have different ideas that others don't think of.

  3. i can tell just by how powerful this post is how much you love being an athlete and how supportive you are of females in the sports :)

  4. i think its great that you love sports and you are so supportive of it, i have a lot of friends who feel the same as you